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In our business we have the opportunity to interact with homeowners and business owners through our consultations and coaching sessions. In that capacity we are often asked for recommendations for a variety of services relating to the improvement or maintenance of a home or business as well as referrals for businesses products and services of all varieties. We are seeking partners that are committed to providing excellent products and services as well as exemplary customer service to members of our community.

Eligibility Guidelines and Criteria

  • Offer excellent products and/or services at a competitive price
  • Provide exemplary customer service to include; maintaining a friendly and knowledgeable staff, returning calls and handling complaints in a timely manner and offering appropriate refund policies.
  • Be fully insured and if applicable, licensed
  • Be in business for at least one year

Benefits to Approved Businesses

  • Advertising of The DeClutter Coach Seal of Approval Program on:
    • The DeClutter Coach website
    • Organization Motivation! television show and website
    • Radio, Television and Print advertising
    • Social media sites
    • Weekly Newsletter
  • A link from our websites to your business website
  • Affiliation with a known, well-respected brand in the local and regional market